rethinking            Enlightenment music history

July 15 - 17  2019 

About the Conference

Rethinking Enlightenment Music History seeks to re-evaluate traditional narratives of music from 1650 to 1790. It embraces a broad view of music as sound, produced and consumed by members across society, and used in constructions of identity around the globe. In partnership with the Early Music Society of Nova Scotia and the Halifax Public Library, the workshop brings together internationally acclaimed scholars, undergraduate and graduate students, music practitioners and members of the public to explore new historical modes for thinking about music in the Enlightenment in paper sessions and a concert.

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The Conference

The Concert

Dalhousie University, Studley Campus


McCain Building

Room 2198

(See Map)

Halifax Public Library


Venue Name

Room Number

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6135 University Ave

Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

5440 Spring Garden Rd,

Halifax, NS B3J 1E9